Drinks with caffeine reduce fertility in men

Scientists from the Massachusetts hospital conducted a survey of 105 men involved in trying to conceive a child using the method of in vitro fertilization. Each volunteer answered a questionnaire and underwent a special survey. The average age of study participants was 37 years.

None of the scientists have not identified problems with alcohol, the average power consumption amount does not exceed three units per day (at a threshold of four units, according to the National health service, UK), according to Tech Times.

If in most cases the alcohol had no effect on sperm quality of men, the propensity to consume large amounts of coffee have an effect on fertility. Men, do not drink coffee had a 52% chance of successful conception when using the IVF method. Those coffee abused, the chance of conception from the first time was significantly lower at 19%.

The conclusion is simple - before IVF and sperm is collected for carrying out manipulations should abandon stimulating drinks, cigarettes and alcohol for at least 2-3 months before a planned pregnancy.

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