The staff of Boston University (USA) found that regular consumption of beverages with a high content in the composition of sugar (juices, different kinds of soda) affects the activity gippokampa (the center responsible for memory) and the brain in General. In addition, sweet liquids increase the risk of developing dementia and the risk of stroke three times.

Similar findings were made on the basis of the analysis of a group of four thousand people over thirty years. The volunteers were subjected to cognitive testing, and investigated the status of their organisms using MRI. Another group (forty-five years and older) made up slightly less than three thousand people, was under the observation of scientists for the past ten years.

The results of these studies clearly indicate that sugary drinks have a negative impact on the state of the brain. Fans of sweet drinks in a much higher risk of dementia and stroke, and also much more likely to suffer from diabetes, which is known to contributes to the development of dementia.

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