Drinks Pepsi and Coca-Cola will clean carcinogen

Previously experts in the soda Coca-Cola and Pepsi was discovered ingredient that poses a threat of cancer. It was about the dye synthetic origin containing carcinogenic compounds. This dye is produced by the method of reaction of sugar with sulfides and ammonia. As a result of this interaction, there is light at the substance of 4-MI, which is associated with the development of lung cancer, thyroid, liver and leukemia.

Manufacturers of carbonated drinks Pepsi and Coca-Cola decided to go to consumers to meet and said that she was ready to review the process of making a sweet drink, reported by BBC. This will relieve the company from the need of placing on the labels of notes about the content in the drink carcinogenic substances.

Currently, the dye contains less than 4-MI (4-Mei). Meanwhile, the changes affected only the productions of California. But in the near time, it will affect almost every factory in the USA. In turn, the Coca-Cola company stated: "there is No basis for technological change in the aspect of any health risks to consumers."

The fact that until now scientists have found evidence of the Carcinogenicity of compounds, but they were made just for example rodents. Certified data about the effect connections-carcinogens per person no. According to the data provided by the Directorate of medicines and food USA, a person should drink per day 1000 or more cans of soda that were to occur, any changes that are identical to those observed in rodents.

Let's hope that soon manufacturers will be removed from drinks carcinogens and old and good drinks will return to its former glory. If you recall the story - a century ago, these drinks were sold in a pharmacy with the purpose of treatment, they were treated frustrated diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract. Today medicinal properties doubtful, but harmful, carcinogenic - evident.

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