Drinks from Mars cause diarrhea

The company Mars is a huge Corporation that manufactures a number of popular food products. Before there was an official warning about the potential dangers of the drinks from the company. The company had to recall thousands of bottles of Mars Milk, Milky Way Milk, Skittles Drink, Starburst Strawberry Drink and Galaxy Smooth Drinkю

In the party were detected samples of the hay Bacillus (Bacilus Subtilis). The pathogen causes food infection accompanied by vomiting and upset stomach, reports The Independent. Official representative of the company advises to get rid of drinks with a shelf life of between 19/12/2014 and 11/4/2015.

Products recalled shops in France, Germany and the Netherlands. Bacillus subtilis is a dangerous pathogen. Serious problems it causes in people with reduced immunity. If the person's immunity is strong, the bacterium can act as a probiotic. It is noteworthy that the bacterium is experiencing a heat treatment and is used in the manufacture hialuronowy acid, a component of cosmetics.

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