Drinking water reduces the risk of bladder cancer in men

Men can reduce the risk of bladder cancer by a quarter, if you drink more than four pints (2531 ml) of water per day.

Scientists from brown University analyzed the responses of 48 thousand men at the age from forty years during the 22 year period, found that those men who drank about 4 liters of water per day was reduced by 24 percent the risk of bladder cancer. The liquid washes away carcinogens their bladder before they cause harm to the body.

Participants answered questions about the amount of fluid intake per day. It was found that the amount of fluid intake decreased with age, the younger was male, the more he drank. It is known that the risk of cancer increases with age, scientists have wondered - not decrease if fluid intake problem.

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Because it is among men over 50 years of bladder cancer is particularly common.

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