Drinking water does not cause skin rejuvenation

Everywhere they say that a woman should stay young as long as possible, especially her skin. Many argue that in order to maintain skin tone need to drink a lot of water. But, as it turned out, it's not true.

According to representatives of the British nutrition center, the most common way to maintain youthful skin with water based on nothing, because scientists have no arguments to confirm this theory.

As expert advice: the best and most reliable way to keep skin healthy and attractive is eating large amounts of vegetables and fruits, because outer beauty is proper nutrition. In the consumed fruits should contain vitamins such as a, b, C, that is, when any of the elements is not enough, the skin becomes dry and rough.

In addition to the saturation of vitamins, it is necessary to protect the skin from contact with direct sunlight and tobacco smoke, as the skin loses elasticity and faster aging.

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Experts do not deny the fact of the positive influence of fluids on the entire body. But to use water only for the sake of that skin was beautiful - not practical. Better eat correctly and use the cream for sun protection.

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