Drinking coffee leads to the reduction of the female bust

At all times, coffee was attributed to different properties: useful and harmful. For example, there was an opinion that coffee causes cancer, but also has a negative impact on the system of heart and blood vessels. A recent study found that excessive consumption of this drink leads to the reduction of breast size in women. To this opinion of Swedish researchers from Lund University in the conducted among 300 women studies. Specialists regularly measured the size of the breast participants, while watching their food preferences, especially for the amount of drink their coffee every day.

The study found that those women who drank more than 3 cups of coffee a day, you risk to remain without a breast. It appears, from used coffee the size of the breast gradually decreases. This pattern scientists try to explain the presence of coffee in chemical compounds that affect the production of sex hormones in women. First of all, we are talking about the estrogen - the hormone that is responsible for the formation of the female figure, and also has a direct impact on the size of the breast.

It should also be noted that the low level is referred to female sexual hormone causes sexual life of a woman getting worse, and the high level of estrogen leads to the development of breast cancer.

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