Drinking can be defined from childhood

Edition CTV News reports that if you observe the behavior of children up to six years, you can determine whether he is inclined to binge during adolescence. To do this, the psychologist Danielle dick, conducted its own survey.

In research took part 6504 boys and 6143 girls, behavior which was observed from six months to six years. Upon achievement of 15.5 years, the psychologist asked about the use of alcohol by adolescents. As a result, alcohol dependence were more likely unsociable teenagers with emotional instability. Excessive openness, may also be a sign of future alcoholism, as children possessing these qualities are the most curious individuals who seek new discoveries and sensations.

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The study took into account not only the daily drinking and habit to drink on holidays, weekends. The relationship of uncontrolled drinking and personal qualities already proved long ago, however, scientists sometimes forget about the fact that this dependence can be determined from childhood and to prevent the emergence of this addiction.

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