Drinkers are more likely to suffer from overeating - the scientists

Scientists warn: addiction to alcohol can lead to addiction and overeating. It is proved that during the use of alcohol increases the caloric content of foods. In most cases, the risk of obesity and diabetes. Data provided by the British company YouGov, which has been engaged in research.

Researchers surveyed more than two thousand people and learned patterns of consumption of alcoholic beverages among ordinary people. It turned out that addiction to alcohol is often associated with overeating and increased appetite.

According to statistics, people who all night drinking, on average, consumes three thousand calories more than usual. Note that in the morning to this figure is added to two thousand calories. Data is valid on the condition that the person refuses to physical exercise the day after a party or feast.

You know, alcohol restorative areas of the brain responsible for self-control. This is why drunk people often break their diets and start Smoking again.

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