Drink from the leaves of the coffee tree will soon appear in the West

Already for many years, scientists continue to compare coffee and tea, trying to figure out which of them is more useful. But soon the need for it will disappear by itself, as in the West will have a unique drink that will absorb all the positive qualities as coffee and tea, writes The Daily Mail. This drink is made from the leaves of the coffee tree.

According to experts, it will be very useful and tasty. Its taste is not as bitter as the tea, and he will not be as strong as coffee. It contains a large number of compounds that reduce the risk of diabetes and diseases of the cardiovascular system. Plus, it has a low caffeine content, and it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Experts from the research Department of crop diversity, evolution and adaptation, together with their colleagues from the Royal Botanic gardens in Kew conducted an analysis of the coffee leaves. In some countries, a drink made from coffee leaves, already quite popular in some countries, such as South Sudan, Ethiopia and Indonesia. In Europe, he never received wide distribution and popularity, despite the fact that there were attempts to establish its import into the UK in the 19th century. Scientists believe that the reason its a bit specific taste.

A recent study 23-ex coffees had discovered how useful the leaves of the coffee tree. According to Dr. Aron Davis, there are 7 types of coffee, which contain large quantities of magnifin connection, which has anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce the cholesterol level, the risk of diabetes and protects neurons. In addition, this plant has found antioxidants.

It should be noted that the high content of magnifera found in mango.

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