Dressing for salad vegetable oil - supersafe from diseases

If for salad to choose low-fat dressing, it will be much easier to control their weight. But as you know, with this you can lose all the positive aspects on their pages writes The Daily Mail.

The point here is that fatty dressings contribute to the absorption by the body more carotenoids, compounds that reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.

Employees of the University of Iowa (USA) were recruited team of 29 volunteers, and the latter was asked to eat salads, dressed with butter (richly saturated fat), canola oil (contains monounsaturated fats) and corn oil (included polyunsaturated fats). Also the total amount of fats (3, 8, and 20 g) was varied.

When this was carried out verification of the degree of absorption of fat-soluble carotenoids. All oils, in addition to canola oil in large volumes favored greater absorption of compounds.

In respect of rapeseed oil both small and large doses were working equivalent. But most of all absorption depended on the volume of oil corn.

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