Dream of parting with overweight? Will have to freeze

A rather unusual method of gaining a slim figure suggested by scientists from Austria. The researchers argue that this is necessary for fifteen minutes every day to be cold until shiver.

Experts note that while the effects on the body low temperatures aktiviziruyutsya the process of transformation of the so-called "white" fat into "brown". And the metamorphosis is accompanied by the release of substantial amounts of energy, which is subsequently consumed to warm (when drawn from more adapted for this purpose sources of energy comes to an end or it starts to miss). According to endocrinologist Paul Lee, such a procedure is comparable to rather long a proper training session.

It is noteworthy that there were no extremely low temperature level to cause tremors to reach is not required. As a rule, it occurs already at fifteen degrees above zero Celsius.

The authors of the method claim that the regular fifteen-minute "shake" is equivalent to one-hour training session in terms of the gym helps and is completely free to get rid of excess weight promptly.

Earlier, Australian scientists managed to establish that a sharp decrease in concentration in the body fat actively contributes to the ordinary standing, and the day that people spent on the feet can easily compare the performance with several hours of grueling physical exertion.

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