Double joint protection

In old age, if not the heart, then be sure to sick arms, legs, lower back, aching joints, so mankind has to pay for their bipedalism. Especially in cold weather becomes unbearable. To hand affected by arthritis, better move, they need to RUB, massage and a measure of the strength the work load.

To relieve the pain need to use medical resterai.

You need to take 50g of rosin, mustard powder 50g, 100g of alcohol, ainah proteins. First, you need to carefully rosin mix with alcohol, add the mustard and egg whites. The finished mixture is heated on a water bath and warm to RUB the aching joints. From the top you can make a warm dressing.

Such rubbing really warms up the joints, so to use this composition should be careful to RUB gently move a small amount and in any case not to go out after the procedure, so it is best to do at night. This structure is used when there is pain, in the quiescent condition with no use.

Only ointments, with disease difficult to manage, it must be driven from within. So we need to make dill tincture, it is said to remove salt.

One Cup of fennel seeds to pour 0.5 liters of rubbing alcohol, to insist in a week, then strain. Take one teaspoon, diluting with water, three times a day for ten consecutive days.

To achieve long-term remission useful to pass mud joints. Mud is not necessary to buy an expensive ticket to far to go to a Spa, enough to go to the clinic with good physiotherapy Department.

Health To You!

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