Doping of hemorrhoids latex

When a patient suffering from hemorrhoids, never able to overcome the disease, using conservative methods of treatment, his appointed minimally invasive surgery. This treatment alternative surgery. Doping - invasive method, now used often.

This technology, in addition, eliminates the symptoms of hemorrhoids and pain, eliminates the disease itself, its causes. Doping prevents the appearance of complications and recurrence. The operation is performed on an outpatient basis, after the patient quickly rehabilitated. Well this treatment and the fact that it does not injure the skin.

In any case, appoint a doping?

Doctors prescribe this method when the internal hemorrhoids. In cases where medication is not already active, and the reasons for surgical intervention no. Doping safe technique has won the confidence of the doctors of the planet.

Of course, in the early stages of doping latex is unjustified because the patient is fully capable to recover with the help of ointments and candles, as well as funds, strengthening the walls of veins. Hemorrhoids mild form of the disease is poorly expressed or absent. This circumstance makes it impossible to conduct doping. Nodes palpable in 2-3 stages, then this operation and appointed. 4th stage of hemorrhoids is not always amenable to this method of treatment, especially in cases when nodes cannot be allocated separately.

Method of alloying latex rings and its essence

The procedure: the proctologist, using a specialized device (Ligator), pulls a small ring made of latex on the foot of the hemorrhoid. Resulting ring perelavlivaet node, blood in him ceases to act. Within two weeks the site rejected by the body at all. At this time, the patient does not experience pain.

Latex ring that perelavlivaet nodes, are made of special elastic durable and hypoallergenic material. They are circular mini-ligature. Their structure allows you to pull both large and small site.

The patient for the operation not hospitalized, but it needs to be in the hospital for two days. Next, using a mechanical Ligator with clip hemorrhoid formation is drawn into a ring of latex. Ligator and the anoscope is retrieved, and the ring gradually Deplete the node.

Anesthesia and the effects of alloying

In most cases, this minimally invasive surgery does not require General anesthesia because of the pain the patient is almost no feel. After alloying, the patient may be free to return to normal life. Two weeks later, when the site will be rejected in its place the scar will remain, which will be covered by connective tissue.

Manipulation, which is performed by experienced physicians, takes no more than 15 minutes. Sometimes the nodes Deplete two rings at the same time, because the operation may be slightly delayed. It is also important to understand that during one procedure can be cured only one node. For each subsequent need for a separate session doping, which could be carried out only two weeks after the previous one.

Pros doping rings latex

The undeniable advantage of alloying is possible to avoid surgery. Locally removal of tumors do not appear.

The operation does not impair the patient's condition, immediately after it he can return to work. The patient does not face the pain, bleeding, loss of nodes when urinating.

Cons doping rings

Despite all the advantages of the procedure, then the patient can feel the presence of a foreign body in the rectum. Some complain of discomfort, the other appears slight pain and a small inflammation. To relieve painful symptoms can simple analgesics. When the inflammation is better to contact a doctor. This outcome is a complication, it is associated mainly with individual feature of the patient's body.


The contraindications include:

- exacerbation of hemorrhoids, and certain other diseases;

- purulent paraproctitis;

- mechanical damage of the mucosa.


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