Don't shake hands if you want to be healthy

Many of the Council's strange, but experts from Stanford University claim that it is not necessary to shake each others hands, better touch to the elbow at the meeting, such a gesture of politeness to prevent the spread of infectious diseases such as influenza.

People should use secure forms of greeting, for example, to touch the elbow or bow down, as is customary in some cultures, this is to prevent the spread of infections, including bowel disease, influenza, colds and other contact infections.

Latest studies have shown that the disease can be "caught" by the man on the door handles, kettles, remote control, if the contact was made within 24 hours from time of infection to the surface.

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Even if you regularly wash their hands, shaking hands does not become you less dangerous, because during the day, for example in the office, you shake a lot of hands, and then wash their hands, even if you were infected you have infected your colleague alien virus.

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