Don't look for salt shakers in American restaurants

Some American companies have pledged to reduce the amount of salt in food. Their initiative is supported by restaurants, which in addition to reducing salt in the dishes that promise to remove salt shakers from the tables.

As reported by the American journal of Hypertension, this action can be considered just a fashion PR stunt. It has long been known that the abuse of salt can lead to the development of hypertension, but further up the chain increases the risk of heart attack and stroke. However, disappeared from the table salt will not solve the General problem, because table salt in them is only 10% of the total amount consumed by human beings of sodium chloride. On the other hand, salt is often a component of a healthy balanced diet. This particularly applies to unrefined (crude) of salt, it is more pleasant to the taste and contains many useful elements.

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The salt reduction in food and the removal of salt shakers from the tables will not improve the population of the United States, as meals in restaurants are much more dangerous ingredients. First of all, it concerns the use of products with GMO, cheap vegetable fats, foods with food dyes. Applying these products to a greater extent make restaurant food healthy population.

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