Don't forget the alcohol and coffee completely during pregnancy

Pregnancy - important stage in a woman's life, during which she must exert maximum efforts for emergence of a healthy and strong baby. For more than a decade developed a special diet and behavior recommendations pregnant women, but the differences in the scientific community is still.

A new look at the problem outlined in his book the economist Emily Oster, reports The Herald Sun. He believes that wine and coffee in adequate amounts not harm the fetus. Emily Oster examined a number of research papers on the impact of alcohol and caffeine on the child during the prenatal period and came to the conclusion that most of the prohibitions on the use of these drinks is not supported by the data you need and are unreliable.

Scientist, despite the opinion of others, believes that drinking one or two glasses of wine a day during pregnancy causes no harm to the fetus. This dose is acceptable. Should not themselves fully to limit and in the use of smoked products: production technology kills all bacteria and parasites, including Listeria causing foodborne infection.

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Steve Robson, head of the Royal College of obstetricians and gynecologists confirms the fact that to conduct large scale studies of this kind on pregnant women is simply impossible. Therefore, sufficient information about the dangers of moderate doses of alcohol and caffeine is not. However, the economist is difficult to speculate on such a complex and controversial health topics, said Steve Robson. You should not accept his conclusions on this issue as the only correct one.

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