Donors from Sweden get SMS alerts when their blood to someone helps

In Sweden, launched a new motivation for voluntary donation. Usually people give blood and don't know what happens next with her, to whom she is sent. SMS-the notification will show the donor, when the portion he saves a life, because a blood transfusion is generally used in extreme situations.

Once a person leaves the clinic, the phone receives a message with gratitude. The second SMS is sent when the blood is used by healthcare professionals. Feedback makes the donation process more visual, messages speak to donors about the importance of their work.

Nice to know that your little contribution saved the life, says the Manager of public relations at the Stockholm blood service Caroline Blom Wiberg. "We have received a certain effect in social networks and traditional media thanks to these SMS. But most of all we care about our donors again" she says in an interview.

Every year the number of donors in most countries of the world falls. New measures are needed to promote medical volunteering. In this case, the government tried to introduce a game element to the donation.

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