Dolly the sheep not suffered from osteoarthritis

Published in Scientific Reports, the results of studies of specialists from the University of Nottingham refuted the information about the premature aging of cloned sheep Dolly in the result of the disease osteoarthritis. To such conclusions scientists have reached in the analysis of x-ray images of skeletons and Dolly birth to daughter Bonnie.

The original intention of the experts to study the probability of occurrence and course of the disease did not give the expected effect. The four cloned from breast cells famous mother sheep for more than 12 months of life, signs of arthritis or premature aging was not found.

In order to continue the research activities of scientists was subjected to a thorough analysis of radiographs of the skeletons of Dolly and her offspring. The photographs were assessed by experts in the field of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, which came to the conclusion about the absence of animals have obvious symptoms of arthritis.

Now researchers are trying to find out the source of beliefs about the presence of osteoarthritis Dolly. It is known that the data supporting the disease that have never been published before.

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