Dolls "Barbie" dangerous for children, experts say

Dressed doll it is better to replace a more creative and educational toys. Dolls, scientists believe, hinder the creative development of children. In the future this may affect academic performance and character, writes RSUTE.

Professor of experimental physics at Cambridge University Athena Donald sure in complete futility of dolls "Barbie". Much more useful and interesting designers. They develop children's imagination, fine motor skills and many other qualities. In addition, the designer can play with parents and friends.

Another interesting fact is the marketing approach to advertising children's toys. If toys for boys is usually characterized by the words "power" and "battle" in advertisements dolls often contains the words "love" and "magic." Advertising itself creates for girls the necessary illusion of passivity. Scientists believe that this approach may think the rest of your life, which is highly undesirable in the modern world.

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