Doing several things at once is bad for health

You are reading this article, at the same time chatting in ICQ, watching TV and checking homework child? This is not a reason to be proud.

Although the majority believes that modern multitasking lifestyle makes them more mobile, living and collected, this is not the case. Scientists say that the human brain actually is unable to perform two or more tasks.

Contrary to popular belief, the mind switches between tasks. Not requiring the intervention of consciousness actions, such as walking or chewing are not a particular problem. But the brain is not amused when a person tries to give him a complex task such as driving and talking on the phone.

"Something must refuse," says David E. rectangular slot cut, head of the research laboratory of the University of Michigan. "Either your phone conversation will suffer, or maintenance of machines.

And this is true not only behind the wheel. Studies show that multitasking reduces efficiency. The steps in the complex takes more time to complete each of them, than when you concentrate on one thing.

Permanent life mode multitasking, balancing on the verge of trying to process as much information as possible and to convert as many cases, eventually lead to chronic stress.

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How to prevent stress? Try to focus on the task at hand, doing them one by one. The only way you will be able to be as collected. Try: instead of talking on the phone, checking email, and helping the child to do homework, do all in turn. It will take less time and will make your work more productive.

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