Dogs help in the diagnosis of cancer

Many forms of cancer is accompanied by the appearance in the body of organic compounds, which a healthy person does not have. This discovery has allowed the Austrian scientists to develop a method for diagnosing cancer using dogs.

Printed publications have repeatedly published stories that the dog worried and jumped on his chest mistress, wanting to signal for the presence of tumors. According to many, acute instinct of these animals makes it possible to detect not only breast cancer, and tumors of organs located under the rib cage, and abdomen.

Researchers from the Hospital Otto Wagner was able to confirm that the noses of the dogs are able to diagnose the disease. During the study, trained the dogs had to pass a difficult test: Obrucheva have not been sick or their clothes, and samples of air exhaled by them.

Using their keen sense of smell, dogs have been "studying" the air out of 120 sample vials. Among patients diagnosed with cancer have been installed in 70% of cases animals found various forms of this disease that impressed scientists. Now they are thinking about a new study by the scale 10 times greater than the previous one in order to detect volatile substances that help dogs to detect the presence of cancer.

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