Does the rejection of salt health?

Based on the latest research, even a substantial reduction in salt intake may not reduce the risk of heart disease and vascular system. And, although most doctors urge a reduction in the consumption of this product, scientists are still not able to scientifically prove as a complete rejection of salt will be able to improve human health.

Limitation of salt intake in the diet of a person with normal blood pressure may even cause some health problems. After all, the main indication of such restrictions is high blood pressure, which, one way or another, cause strokes and heart problems.

Experts from Denmark was conducted and studied 167 experiments, in which participants (volunteers) deliberately restricted itself to the use of salt on almost 150 mmol per liter. This is many times more than the norm, which is recommended by doctors. Research "saw" the following results: high blood pressure in volunteers has declined almost by 2.5 percent, and the normal 1 recent, but significantly increased the cholesterol by as much as 2.5 percent.

Such changes have caused an increase in the concentration of hormones of a certain type and chemical compounds in the body that are directly associated with diseases of the cardiovascular system.

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