Doctors: with certain types of cancer people live for 10 years or more

Some malignant tumors are amenable to control. According to the National statistics of the UK, Oncology at the moment – not a sentence.

Many skin tumors develop slowly. The majority of patients with cancer of this localization have a higher chance to live 10 years or more. A similar prognosis among women with breast cancer, men with prostate cancer.

Much worse the situation is for lung cancer, pancreas, brain. Only a small proportion (6% to 12%) living after diagnosis 10 years or more.

Noteworthy and alarming increase in cancer incidence. Over the past 40 years, doctors began to diagnose cancer twice as often. Of positive news in this area – the ability to cure most types of cancer in the early stages. The timely diagnosis and treatment are the main principles in Oncology.

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