Doctors will increase salary

This year for health workers must be approved by the new rules base salary, said the Chairman of the health workers ' Union of Russia Mikhail Kuzmenko.

Today the worker sanitation basic salary is only 1.6 thousand, nurses and medbratev - 2,2 thousand rubles, and from 3 doctors, 6 thousand rubles. Kuzmenko proposes to set up a base salary of nurses in five thousand, nurses 7.5 thousand rubles, and physicians in 10, the base should be added bonuses.

Now health is working to improve the wage system, which should earn by November, after which the salaries of doctors and health workers will be regularly indexed.

The company is also developing legislative system for the distribution of medical students after graduation in needy regions.

"The contract system has already been introduced in some universities, however, are frequent cases when after more scholarships from the customer, the student, upon completion of the program still does not go to the place of distribution, and it still does the law not regulated," said Kuzmenko.

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