Doctors were forced to abandon codeine containing drugs prescription sale

Since the beginning of this month came into force a ban on over-the-counter dispensing of drugs, the composition of which contains codeine. Before making such a vital decision there has been controversy about its actuality. Today experts are ready to summarize the results, the newspaper writes "Pharmaceutical Bulletin".

According to the Executive Director of the Russian Association of pharmacy chains (RAPC) Nelly the Ignatyeva - "While the demand for codeine containing drugs and without codeine analogues has not changed. As introduced by the law of the ban is an important step in combating desomorphine drug addiction and, of course, for the health of the citizens of the country (codeine has a lot of side effects).

However, statistics indicate that from the first day of the current month in private pharmacies OTC "Pentalgin, demand increased significantly. "This is due to a trivial misunderstanding on the part of the population, because the usual "Pentalgin" equally sold without prescription. There are some cases when citizens that come with the recipes, refuse to leave the pharmacy recipe," says Ignatiev.

The expert acknowledged that until the fifth of June, doctors and pharmacists had no rules prescribing and managing accountability. This was one of the main reasons for the deterioration of the situation. Vladimir Ivanov, Savolainen rehabilitation treatment, also speaks about the difficulties encountered, appeared together with the new rules.

According to him, in the hospital now most experts drugs list prescription, try not to assign due to the fact need to make additional statements. And the modern doctor has to write reports on the following: attendance, sick leave, directions to the category, vaccinations, fluorography, invalids of the great Patriotic war. Ivanov also with full confidence says: "Make to prescribe codeine-containing drugs doctors can except that money is the motivation".

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