Doctors warn that heartburn causes cancer

Doctors warn about the risks of cancers of the upper digestive tract and upper respiratory tract due to the usual heartburn, which is a consequence of selection into the esophagus of gastric juice substance. The frequency of the process can cause inflammation of the lower digestive tract is esophagitis. Itself pathology does not pose a risk and are adjusted for a therapeutic effect in the early stages of discovery. However, the rejection of timely action can have much more significant consequences.

The American edition of JAMA Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery has published the results of research work of the scientific staff of the Medical center of Ochsner who came to the conclusion about the high probability of impact of regular heartburn in the occurrence of stenosis of the esophagus, perforation of the wall of the esophagus and cancers of the digestive tract, nasopharynx, upper respiratory tract.

In order to identify a possible relationship of heartburn with cancer processes experts analyzed medical records of over 28,000 elderly patients. 13805 studied suffered from pathologies of oncological nature, affecting the upper respiratory tract and the upper parts of the digestive tract. Determining the number of patients with regular bouts of heartburn, the researchers came to the conclusion that I suffer from heartburn 3 times more often were diagnosed with cancer of the larynx, 2.5 times more likely to cancer of the nasopharynx in 2 times more often cancer of the tonsils, almost 2 times more often cancer of the paranasal sinus.

Annual statistics of cancer is evidenced by about 360,000 deaths due to cancer of the upper parts of the digestive tract and upper respiratory tract.

Doctors have not yet found a credible explanation of when the regularity of heartburn with the development of cancer. Probably, dysplasia of the cells lining the esophagus recognized prior Oncology condition, formed regular exposure to hydrochloric acid in the composition of the digestive juice.

In addition, the researchers did not take into account the impact of Smoking and alcohol recognized oncogenes. The establishment of the mechanisms of formation of dependence requires detailed studies taking into account all possible influences.

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