Doctors warn: Russian mites woke up

In the hospital went three people with tick-borne viral encephalitis. Cases were recorded in Pskov, Irkutsk regions and the Krasnoyarsk territory. 16 thousand people went to the doctors about a tick bite, a third of them children.

Physicians are advised to avoid walking in the dense forests in the spring. Ticks will help clothes with long sleeve and hooded. Ticks are active in the morning and evening. If you avoid the sting failed, you should go to hospital and take an insect in the study to prevent the development of viral encephalitis.

The disease manifests itself after a tick bite in the form of fever, chills, muscle aches, redness or rashes. At first suspected doctors urge to go to the hospital. Viral encephalitis is an extremely dangerous disease, leading to a wheelchair and death.

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