Doctors warn: alcoholic kick can get drinking vacationers

Russian doctors are sounding the alarm about this state: "the Summer holiday season is extremely dangerous for lovers of alcohol as strong and weak. In the heat, as a rule, to eat absolutely no desire. Enough to drink on an empty stomach just one glass of any alcohol (this also applies to beer), you can get a strong intoxication", the newspaper writes, "Novye Izvestia".

What relates to the aforementioned beer, in this case, the excess shall be a significant threat in the form of diseases of the pancreas. And in the hottest months of the year strong alcohol can cause severe dehydration, and vasospasm. Brandy promotes sweating. As the ideal option you can take is diluted with water to wine. In particular, alcohol should be wary residents horticultural associations (truckers). Often, being in a blissful mood in the lap of nature, man begins to drink in the morning and ends late in the evening.

George Laptev narcologist comments: "How long is this celebration of life can continue, is completely dependent on the individual characteristics of the organism. But he somehow still will, alas, alcoholic kick. In the body accumulates too much decay products of alcohol, and in any case it is fraught with arrhythmia, sudden surges in pressure and very painful sensations in the region of the liver. Because much better libations to wait until the evening coolness, when the heat subsides. It is also advised not to eat sweet and strong alcoholic drinks and in any case not to drink alcohol on an empty stomach."

It is well known that about 5 percent of alcohol is already absorbed in the mouth, a quarter - gastric Department, all that is left in the intestines. In this regard, physicians are urged tightly bite to eat before making alcoholic beverages.

Take, for example, meat. It for a long time to digest in the stomach, and it says that it successfully delays the distribution of alcohol in the body. To reduce the damage of alcohol harm can only be due to the consumption of water in large quantities. True, but water must necessarily be without gas. Otherwise you can "achieve" reverse effect. If still hangover has come, it is best to save a meat broth, tea with lemon, juice or honey, dissolved in boiled water. Also will come to the rescue and douche.

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