Doctors urged not to believe advertising on plastic vagina

Women interested in plastic vagina, popular lately, you should be aware that the Internet is full of largely inaccurate information on this procedure. Information about plastic, first published ten British and American sites and outstanding in response upon request by the search engine Google, has been thoroughly analyzed by scientists. The result was the discovery of a huge number of errors and defects.

For example, there is no information about the presence of these operations age limits to the plasticity of the vagina can resort only girls age 16 years and older. Risks of operations everywhere are greatly underestimated, and 4 customers generally do not publish any information about it. According to 3 sites, thanks to the plastic vagina smell improves and reduces the risk of infections. More than half of the sites stated that after the plastic vaginal sex becomes more enjoyable.

The researchers also found on the analyzed portals reasoning that "apropriirovannye vagina" unsightly, which is reflected visible under tight clothing the labia, as well as their increased size. The sites of some clinics include recommendations on how to reduce lip for the sake of the vulva, which will look more "youthful", and promises to change their shape so that they will become "sexy" and "smooth" look.

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