Doctors told what rules you need to follow in order to quit Smoking

Nicotine dependence belongs to the category of psychological. Sometimes it takes great effort to quit Smoking. Doctors have developed a set of rules, compliance with which will ease the process of withdrawal from cigarettes, writes The Times of India.

To start is to start a diary in which to note the progress. Periodically you can do yourself small gifts, stimulating their own willpower to further exploits.

The participation of friends and relatives is very important. Tell us all about your intention. Set the exact date when you will quit. From that moment to cigarettes access will be closed.

To cope with cravings for a cigarette at the beginning will help candy, chewing gum, fruit.

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Now the popular theme group, where dependent on nicotine people share their progress in quitting the habit. A good incentive is to write in a fitness club. Sport beats the desire to smoke.

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