Doctors told how to diagnose osteoarthritis before the appearance of the first symptoms

A group of scientists from the University of Souhampton found that osteoarthritis can be predicted before the appearance of his symptoms: deformation of joints and severe pain. Enough to go for MRI scan and to see the status of the bone marrow. Osteoarthritis is common among adults and is a serious pathology, which is difficult to treat.

Most often osteoarthritis affects the knee, hip joints, small joints of the hands. Scientists analyzed MRI paintings 176 patients older than 50 years. The doctors watched the health of volunteers within three years after the examination.

In some cases, people have detected signs of osteoarthritis. The presence of foci of damaged bone marrow, according to the study, pointed to the possible rapid progression of the disease. Articular surface in the presence of this symptom decreased significantly faster in comparison with people who have osteoarthritis was not associated with changes in bone marrow.

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