Doctors: the woman should try to lose weight in the first year after birth

Doctors insist that the woman after pregnancy, you need to lose weight in the first year. If this is not done, the process of weight gain will follow, will increase the risk of developing hypertension, heart disease and diabetes. Data published in Health India.

Employees hospital mount Sinai watched 305 women during pregnancy, childbirth and 12 months after delivery. During the year 225 women have lost a certain percentage of excess weight. Indicators of body fat and cholesterol levels have returned to normal, blood pressure was within the normal limits. However, one quarter of women in the first year additionally gaining weight.

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This group is automatically switched at high risk for diabetes, diseases of the cardiovascular system. It turns out that the lack of progress in relation to weight reduction leads to serious consequences. Doctors insist on the restoration of the physical forms in the shortest possible time, limited to one year.

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