Doctors: the sun must be able

The scientific team from the Institute of plastic surgery and cosmetology has issued guidelines for safe tan with health benefits.

Oncologists agree that sun exposure in the period of maximum solar activity slightly increases the risk of benign and malignant tumors of the skin. This information is more about light-skinned people who burn quickly in the sun.

Scientists have identified six skin types depending on the response to solar radiation. The first type is the most vulnerable. It includes fair-skinned people with red or white hair, freckles and blue eyes. They should sunbathe very carefully, regularly use a special cream and do not lie under the bright sun.

The second type is a little more resistant to solar radiation. These people have brown hair and eyes light shades. This group is also susceptible to burning. With this basic protection in the skin you already have. In this case, you should use a less intense means of protecting against solar radiation.

The third type of people has a slightly dark skin tone and brown eyes. These people can be a relatively long time to be in the sun, and they will not burn. However, to protect yourself from radiation in the daytime should still.

Fourth photo – people with olive skin tone, dark eyes and brown hair. The fifth and sixth photo have heavily pigmented skin. They have the strongest innate protection from the sun.

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