Doctors tested a new assay for the detection of viruses

Difference test VivoCap from the currently existing methods of diagnostics – the ability to identify any known virus in one step. It is based on the deciphering of the genetic code of the virus. This allows to detect the pathogen even in minimal concentrations in biological fluids.

The test detects Ebola viruses, Marburg, middle East respiratory syndrome, rotavirus, noroviruses. Sensitivity it bypasses all modern test systems.

PCR diagnostics used in modern hospitals, is able to determine the presence or absence of only 20 viruses at once, ViviCap has no such restrictions. Another advantage is the ability to quickly fill the database with new viruses.

If PCR detects the virus in only 10 cases out of 14, VivoCap has an almost 100% reliability of the study. Approximate equipment cost for the test system is not reported.

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