Doctors: sometimes, the appendicitis can be cured without surgery

Rather controversial results of a study published by the physicians of the United States. They found that in some cases it is possible to refuse surgery for appendicitis in favor of antibiotics. A particularly useful technique was for children. In the first years of life the risk of complications after surgery is much higher than in adults, writes the Tampa Bay Review.

Antibiotics, according to the data obtained, showed its effectiveness in 28 of 37 cases. Their use, say the doctors, it prevented the transition of complicated appendicitis in the form. The method, according to the researchers, may be appropriate for children and adults.

However, not everything is so unambiguous. A pending operation is a serious risk of complications. In some cases, the stage of appendicitis is very difficult to put. The Appendix with pus in the wall and the perforation may some time not to give a vivid picture for the doctors. Therefore, the majority of physicians agree that the only treatment for appendicitis is emergency surgery.

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