Doctors should not treat teeth before heart surgery

Only this contradicts the standard recommendations: before surgery should visit the dentist and treat all his teeth. Infection in carious teeth may penetrate into the heart and cause endocarditis. However, Dr. mark Smith (Mayo Clinic) believes that dental treatment before the surgery is a frequent cause of serious consequences.

During the study, researchers examined the frequency of complications arising during a month after a dental procedure or until the operation on the heart. As complications were taken all clinical cases: from death and stroke to kidney failure.

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The study involved 205 patients. Considered 208 cases of tooth extraction and 206 cardiac operations. Complications were recorded in 16 patients. After tooth removal, and 12 people died within one month, half of whom died before the intervention on the heart. Dr. Smith believes that it is necessary to consider the risks in the treatment of diseases of the oral cavity. Precaution should perform oral hygiene, thoroughly clean the teeth, chew chewing gum.

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