Doctors, scientists have suggested how to avoid amputations

Victims of progressive atherosclerosis often suffer from the development of lower limb ischemia (HINK) in chronic phase. Doctors until patients can can offer tools that monitor pressure, sugar level, tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle, balloon dilatation and stenting. The most crucial option is amputation, the newspaper writes "Remedium".

But things can change, and it will happen in the near time. Today the company Aastrom Biosciences is preparing for the beginning of the final stage of clinical tests of a new drug therapy cells Ixmyelocel-T. For this phase of testing has already recruited a group of volunteers from the 600 people who have a stage of critical ischemia of the lower extremities.

Experts say: "This is the only case when such therapy has reached the third stage of the test. Based on preliminary research, Ixmyelocel-T for the increased production and growth factors favors the formation of blood vessels. Cytokines help to reduce inflammation because of the struggle with the disease, you need to remove the inflammation, and then the flow of blood to restore".

By the way, scientists have already been able to ensure normal blood flow by introduction of a gene associated with factor a vascular endothelial growth (VEGF). This gave the opportunity for the new vessels in the limb to grow and the patient to give freedom of movement. The Ministry of health last year registered the world's first drug with VEGF for the treatment of CHINK - Neovasculgen. To genes also asked the company Juventas Therapeutics and ViroMed.

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