Doctors say the Nerves damage skinny stretch denim jeans

In modern fashion is one of the most frequent phenomena - skinny jeans. People interested in best way to show your figure, wear jeans everywhere: at work, and walk in them for concerts and theatres. However, doctors do not belong to this genus of clothes so positive, according to the Internet edition

Not a big secret that overly skinny jeans are actually incredibly narrow. In other words, they are difficult to put on. Just, this factor should be, according to doctors, a very disturbing sign. Quite possibly wearing these skinny jeans, you inflict irreparable damage to the nerves.

Karen Boyle - doctor, says: "the Constant wearing skinny jeans may cause the development of the syndrome Bernard-Roth, or neuritis outer skin nerve of the thigh. This disease develops under those circumstances, when there is compression of one of the nerves that runs along the outer thigh. As a result the person feels at first a slight numbness, then it becomes a pain, followed by tingling".

The situation in this case exacerbates and even high heel. This "explosive" combination for women can be deadly. Then the axis of the pelvis and is offset from that visually kinda raises the gluteus muscles. Due to the resulting tilt of the pelvis further increases the pressure on the nerves. And the sad result - increased symptoms.

Compromise in this case, the option will be one choice of stretching (stretch) jeans. If you regularly wear extremely uncomfortable jeans, the above symptoms will not disappear, but then will come the development of permanent nerve damage.

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