Doctors: rejoice may be dangerous to your heart

Not only grief can cause a heart attack, consider University from the University of Zurich. They analysed the case histories of 1750 patients who are in hospital as a result of a heart attack. At 20 people with heart problems started after a tumultuous marriage, birthday or other happy occasions, says The Telegraph.

Cardiologists warn: exciting moments can cause angina along with sad events in life. Therefore, people with high blood pressure should be careful. A heart attack sometimes has the similar symptoms with "broken heart syndrome" (chest pain, shortness of breath).

Scientists tried to explain the differences between the two States. Broken heart syndrome is characterized by short-term weakening of the heart muscle, which extends the left chamber of the heart. The most frequently observed syndrome among older women. A real heart attack causes severe acute pain behind the sternum that radiates to the left shoulder.

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