Doctors: pregnancy reduces the frequency of migraine attacks

Many women during pregnancy noted a decline in the frequency of migraine attacks. Half of the attacks are completely in the second and third trimesters. Scientists believe that all the matter in the high level of female hormones. One of the proofs of the theory – reduce the frequency of seizures in women during menstruation, writes WebMD.

Note, not always pregnancy smooths out the disease. For some, conceiving a child initiates the first attack or weigh down headaches. Doctors warn that migraine can be a complication of the sickness, when sickness and anxiety symptoms it is better to consult a doctor.

"Women with migraine should know about how the disease affects the course of pregnancy. They definitely should consult with a specialist on the subject. So women it is important to monitor blood pressure, cholesterol and stop Smoking before pregnancy. In addition, they need to eat right, to a regime of sleep and be active. While meditation and relaxation to help cope with stressful situations," says Bus Aurora, a doctor from the Medical school of Stanford University.

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