Doctors offered to treat depression LSD

This substance, according to scientists from the University of Dundee, will help people deal with their feelings and return to the contact with the outside world. LSD belongs to the group of psychedelic substances, it is able to evoke memories and strong hallucinations. In the case of mental disorders the drug is taken can be justified.

Volunteers with depression were divided into two groups. Some received a dose of LSD, others – a placebo. Patients who consume a drug, felt better a few days after admission. Psychedelic passive slows down the brain and reduces symptoms of depression, say the scientists.

Note, talk about a unique use of the drug impossible. Requires detailed analysis and the possibility of using LSD in medical practice. Similar experiments in the middle of the last century failed, the drug quickly fell into the hands of drug dealers, and the spread of LSD had become illegal.

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