Doctors may have found an effective remedy against alopecia - Duplomb

American scientists announced the results of the treatment of the maximum forms of eczema in 13-year-old patient. The girl suffered total alopecia areata and after the application of a new drug began to experience a significant hair growth. Duplomb is used for the treatment of atopic dermatitis, who took the teenager is the world's first cure for atopic dermatitis based on monoclonal antibodies.

"We were very surprised, because this patient didn't have hair on his head 2 years of age. Other treatments that could help in hair loss, is simply not working," says Marianne Makrides Senna from the Department of dermatology at MGH.

According to dermatologists, this is the first time an unexpected side effect from the use of duplomb. To test the hypothesis, physicians offered the girl within two months of taking the medication. Hair thinned out, and then continue the course of therapy, the growth resumed and continues still.

"It is difficult to understand whether Duplomb to stimulate hair growth in other patients with alopecia areata. But most likely, this can be useful for patients with extensive active eczema and alopecia," says Senna.

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