Doctors: it is necessary to limit the amount of fat during pregnancy

The acceptance of products, saturated fats, has a negative impact on the fetus, scientists say. This aggressive factor alters the structure of nerve fibers in the brain, increases the risk of obesity in children in the future. Data were obtained during the experiment with animals, writes the BBC. Scientists from Yale medical school to explain to the public, as obesity is passed from mother to child.

Under the action of harmful products mutations occur in the DNA, changing the structure of the brain of the child. Particularly changing the hypothalamus. This education is responsible for the regulation of metabolism in the human body. Often diseases of the hypothalamus lead to the development of diabetes type II and obesity.

Scientists believe the health of the child should begin to watch, since pregnancy planning. Only then is there a guarantee of birth in full light, cheerful baby. Proper nutrition of mother and child is the basis of health in the future. Note that the study may have errors must be taken into account the difference in metabolism laboratory mouse and human), but a rational link in the words of scientists clearly have.

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