Doctors in the near future will be able to transplant the organs of pigs to man

Scientists found the answer to one of the main issues of transplantation: why do the bodies of other animals is immediately rejected by the human body. Managed to do it on the example of pigs, the structure of their innards most similar to human. It turned out it's in the genes of retroviruses embedded in the genome of pigs. If you drop them, the survival rate of alien bodies will increase significantly.

The method we use is called Crips. The scientists took 15 years to establish the genetic nature of the rejection of organs. In the near future, they believe, will be possible the transplantation of organs from other animals.

The project proves the fact that medicine along with other branches of science is not in place. Surgical transplants of animal organs will give a chance for a second life to many people suffering from incurable diseases.

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