Doctors: horror movies unhealthy

The expression "blood run cold" has a scientific justification, say the scientists. When watching horror films in the vessels is changed, the eighth factor of blood clotting. As a result, the probability of thrombosis is increased by 20% compared to the norm.

Fear is a normal reaction to danger. In the process of evolution of the danger to humans is of a psychological nature, but also the concrete possibility of injury or even death doesn. The wound is always attended with loss of blood, so its concentration in a moment of danger – a logical reaction to all animal beings.

About the eighth factor, the doctors found out during the experiment. Volunteers watched a horror film, which increased their concentration of factor VIII clotting to 11 units. Hardly alone, horror movies can lead to thrombosis, but additional risk such a hazardous condition from such films occurs. Watch horror movies or not, it is everyone, experts say.

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