Doctors have told the fingers to determine the presence of diseases of the cardiovascular system

American experts have developed a unique diagnostic method in humans, abnormalities of the cardiovascular system. Enough to look carefully at the pads of the fingers and to investigate the blood flow in them to indicate one of many diseases.

Cite an example of atherosclerosis. The disease is systemic, that is, affects the entire body. Plaque formation in major blood vessels, cholesterol narrows the lumen of even the most delicate capillaries. Special methods of investigation will help to identify atherosclerosis and without expensive methods.

Birth defects sometimes are expressed in changing the form of the nail plate. So-called symptom of drumsticks when the nails become excessively bent out of shape sometimes is the first sign of the presence of a heart malformation.

Procedure analysis along with examination by a doctor within 20 minutes. During this time only the fingertips of the specialist will be able to recognize many diseases.

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