Doctors have patented a new method of cancer treatment

Old drug they put in microscopic containers, made of white blood cells (leukocytes). This form allows you to reduce the dosage of chemotherapy in 50 times and deliver the drug directly into the tumor, acting only on her and not on the entire body, says DNA India.

The drug is placed in a "container" becomes invisible to the immune system. Dose reduction of chemotherapy reduces the number of side effects in the treatment and positively influences its effectiveness. The larger medication dosage to build in the tumor without great damage to the whole body, the better for the patient.

Microscopic containers are composed of cell membranes of leukocytes. This technology allows us to solve the problem of drug resistance almost completely. While scientists have conducted a series of tests of the drug in rodents and obtained positive results. Now it is planned to conduct more complex and informative experiments.

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