Doctors have found a way to slow down colon cancer

Scientists have managed to make a discovery, by which is possible to slow the spread of metastases in colon cancer. They found that to achieve the inhibition of metastasis may be taking vitamin D in combination with the passage of chemotherapy.

This was announced by Dr. Cumming, head of clinical trials at the Center for the treatment of cancer them. Dana Farber in Boston. According to him, the results of new studies could form the basis for the creation of new approaches to cancer treatment.

The study was conducted with the participation of 139 patients suffering from metastatic cancer of the colon. The volunteers were divided into two groups. The first was given a higher dose of vitamin D at the same time as patients from the second gave it to her in small doses.

Patients from the first group received daily for 14 days 8000 IU of vitamin D, on the last day of the study received a dose twice less than usual. The second group was given 4000 IU of vitamin D the entire duration of the experiment. In addition, patients in both groups had a standard course of chemotherapy.

Scientists and doctors managed to establish that the patients of the first group, the disease progression slowed to an average of 13 months, while patients of the second group – 11. Also stresses that for the second group of participants over the next 22 months was recorded an increased mortality rate and disease progression, in comparison with the first.

Charles FEMA, one of the authors of the experiment, said that the results of this study will provide an opportunity to conduct a more extensive study of the possibilities of treatment of oncological diseases.

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