Doctors have found a way to eliminate the symptoms of severe eczema

Edition Eurek Alert provided information which States that severe eczema can be control injections, appointed by the allergies. For the gradual reduction of sensitivity to an allergen experts introduce a small amount of the patient. As a result, the body is able to adapt to the stimulus and does not show the same reactions as a result of its subsequent appearance.

The study was conducted with an adult patient with symptoms with severe eczema. They have observed since childhood and their removal was impossible, as the funds for external and internal application was ineffective and did not give a proper result. In addition, the patient suffered from multiple allergies. These tests showed that the man was exposed to a large number of causative agents of Allergy.

Experts appointed him to injection therapy. Gradually the patient was administered allergens and with increasing doses the patient has experienced a decrease and disappearance of the symptoms of eczema. A year later after the treatments significantly improved health, disappeared dryness and itching. The main achievement was the fact that the patient no longer has to take for the treatment of steroid means in large doses.

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